Family sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home or at a location special to you. I am torn at which I prefer. I love being invited in your home where children are at their most comfortable. Your home is where all the real life fun happens. I believe the everyday in your own home is what you would want to remember most when your children are older. I also believe your children would love looking back at photos of their old rooms, how you all played together and the toys they used to play with.

But I also love the outdoors. I know that some families and children may prefer being outdoors and are happiest exploring in the fresh air.

Whether in your home or outdoors, these sessions are all about documenting your family just as they are. Showing all your personalities and how you bond as a family. These sessions are very relaxed and I may only guide you all to a certain room with the best light or encourage activities that bring you together as a family in order to get those group family shots. Be warned there maybe some lounge dancing, bed jumping and lots of general playing involved!