Why choose me

Why book a session with me?

Do you wish you could hit the pause button on your children growing? Do you wish you were actually in the photos rather than always taking them? I see the beauty in the every day and feel passionately about documenting your family just as they are in a fun and relaxed manner.

If your looking for photos where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling then I am probably not the right photographer for you.

I believe the session itself is just as important as the photographs. I know how much hardwork goes into preparing yourself and your family for a photoshoot especially when little ones are involved. I want the whole experience to be relaxed and fun. I see it as an opportunity for you to spend some time together and just enjoy each other. This joy will show in the photos and instead of looking at your final photos thinking ‘that was a stressful’ day, you will look back on them with fondness.

Why book a session today?

Don’t wait for your house to be tidier or to redecorate, don’t wait to lose weight or to have nicer clothes, as by then your children are already a little bit older and a little bit different. In this day and age we take hundreds (thousands?) of photos on our phones of our children but very rarely are we in them ourselves (except the odd selfie!). And I don’t know about yours but my phone photos are always a blurry mess where I have tried to quickly take a photo of something cute the children are doing before they have noticed.

It is us and our day to day that our children won’t remember so well. They wont remember the way you used to brush their hair or cuddled them when they hurt their knee or the joy on your face as you watched them play. Wouldn’t it also be lovely for you once your children have grown to look at these photos and be taken instantly back to a time where life was a it more messy, a bit more chaotic but also a bit more beautiful? Don’t wait until those moments have passed you by. 

If you are nodding along to all of this, please lets have a chat!