Newborn Session

What to expect for an In Home Newborn Session

I take a very relaxed approach to all my sessions. My main aim is to make everyone feel comfortable and is very much led my baby. My style is a hybrid between lifestyle and documentary. This means that I do a mix of standing back and capturing what enfolds in front of me as well as offering little prompts here and there and directing you into the best light. I do minimal posing but I may ask you to sit or stand in a certain spot or light and ask you to hold and hug each other to get some detail and family photos but that will be all.

I find that newborn babies are happiest when they are being held and so most the session will be focused on capturing your connection with your new bundle and telling a story of these early days together. However if the baby is happy to, I will try and get some of them on their own in their cot or lying on the bed. This is perfect to get details shots of hands, feet and hair.

When I first arrive I will chat to any older children a little and perhaps ask them to show me their toys and their room so that they get to know me and feel comfortable. I will take a little tour of your house and find which rooms I think would be best to do the photos in. Usually these are just the rooms with the best light. Please don’t feel you need to tidy up or clean too much as I take a documentary approach it’s all about capturing your family for who you are and how you live so you can look back in years to come and remember exactly how it was at that time.

Don’t worry if the baby needs feeding or changing as I allow plenty of time to get all the photo’s we need and we will take the baby’s lead.

What to wear 

I would advise that baby just wears a vest or an outfit that shows their hands and feet so that we can easily get detail shots of those. We can wrap them up in swaddles or blankets so they don’t get cold but I find it best not to do outfit changes and to keep it simple. For the rest of family, the most important thing is that you must feel comfortable, otherwise it will show in the photos. However if you need a bit of guidance here are a few tips:

  1. Ideally stay away from too bright or overly patterned clothes as this will take away from what is happening in the images
  2. I would also advise to stay away from big logos/brands printed as this will takeaway from the timeless feel of the images.
  3. Soft and neutral tones will always photograph well, e.g. pastels or greys/beiges/whites (not all white though)
  4. Earthy tones will give a more vibrant feel and look great together (burgundy/greens/mustards/blues/burnt oranges)
  5. Use variation in colours for each person as well as mixing up different textures (denim/cotton/wool/linen, etc) this will add depth and texture to your images
  6. Layering looks lovely in photos and can give you variation (scarfs/shirts/hats/cardigans/jackets – depending on weather)

During our pre-photoshoot discussions I am more than happy to help you with your outfit choices further and you are more than welcome to whats app me some ideas! I have also created inspiration boards here on my Photography Pinterest account with links to affordable high street shops if you feel like you need to purchase anything new or just for ideas on what to look for in your own wardrobe. Again, feel free to whats app me any options that you have already in your wardrobe as ideally I wouldn’t want you to spend where you didn’t need to. I want you to feel comfortable and confident!

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