About Me

I have always had a passion for photography. When I was younger, I loved looking through old family photographs with my Nan, seeing how she used to live and what she used to wear and what she used to do with her children. I loved seeing photos of her playing with my mum in the garden or of them baking together in the kitchen

Since studying photography in college I have been a hobbyist and dabbled professionally a couple of times.  After my son was born I became so passionate about capturing him and our everyday lives that I now have to do it for other people. I believe everyone should have these very average but wonderful and fleeting moments documented beautifully for them. Photos that are timeless and treasured for generations to come. 

I now have two beautiful children (Arthur and Lily), I am wife to a supportive and loving husband and human/food giver to our cat, Dobby.

I live in Gloucester next to a lovely bit of the Gloucester and Sharpness canal but I am originally from Cheltenham. I mostly spend my days trying to entertain and wear out my energetic toddler, snuggling the baby and eating lots of cake (and snapping lots of pictures of course!)

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