I am offering Motherhood (along with Maternity sessions) as a whole separate session as they are so important to me. I believe every mother should have special photos with their children.

As mothers, we are forever taking photographs of our children and partners but we are hardly ever in them! We give our whole selves to our children, growing them, feeding them and nurturing them. The love and connection we have with our children is like no other and needs to be documented. Not just for us to look back on when they are all grown up but also for our children to see when they are older as they are unlikely to remember how you used to hold them close, wipe their tears or make them laugh until their belly hurt.

My images are all about showing love and connection and also showing the beauty in the everyday. When you look at your images I want you to be able to feel exactly what it was like hugging your child, smelling their hair or seeing the pure joy in their little faces as you play. These are things that are easily forgotten and fade in our memories with our busy lives. Motherhood sessions are just about being together without the stresses of everyday life.

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