Storytelling Sessions

Storytelling Sessions are all about documenting your family exactly how you are in this moment in time.

These sessions truly hold my heart. When I was younger, I loved looking through old family photographs with my Nan, seeing how she used to live and what she used to wear and what she used to do with her children. I loved seeing photos of her playing with my mum in the garden or baking with her. Wouldn’t it be lovely for our children to have these memories documented for them too?

In this day and age we take hundreds (thousands?) of photos on our phones of our children but very rarely are we in them ourselves (except the odd selfie!). It is us and our day to day that our children won’t remember so well. They wont remember the way you used to brush their hair or cuddled them when they hurt their knee or the joy on your face as you watched them play. Wouldn’t it also be lovely for you once your children have grown to look at these photos and be taken instantly back to a time where life was a it more messy, a bit more chaotic but also a bit more beautiful?

It is my passion to document these very average but wonderful and fleeting moments for you. These are photos that are timeless and will be treasured for generations to come.

These sessions, whether they are in your home or at a chosen location, are very relaxed. I will send you personalised family questionnaire which will allow me to get to know your family before arriving but essentially I will be focused on capturing connection between loved ones and their personalities at this moment in time.

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