A family photoshoot with me is relaxed, simple, fun and completely child-led. They are about documenting real connection, joy and encouraging each personality to shine through. I tell the unique story of your family through images, just as you are.

You won’t hear me ask you to ‘say cheese’. Before our photoshoot, I will take the time to really get to know you, what you love to do together and what brings you all joy so that there are no forced smiles. Just fun and a whole lot of love. Be warned there may be some lounge dancing, bed jumping and lots of cuddles involved!

I know how fast time passes. Your little ones are growing up before your eyes. Life is busy and lets face it, chaotic. It’s hard to find time to slow down and really take it all in. A session with me really gives you the chance to be just be present in the moment and enjoy some devoted time together while I capture some special memories that you can all treasure for years to come.

I believe it is so important to have images that include the whole family. Wouldn’t it be so valuable for each family member to have images on display around them, that remind them that they are loved, cherished and connected. Not only that, but to have those images as a reminder in years from now of what their childhood was really like. These are photographs that will transport you straight back to that time and I guarantee will bring you joy.

Family Film

Wouldn’t it be wonderful in years from now to be able to look back on how you swayed your newborn and danced with your children, see their facial expressions and hear their little voices?

Photographs are wonderful but Film is just so special and adds an extra level of nostalgia. It’s something that you can enjoy watching as a family even when your littles aren’t so little anymore! I use emotive storytelling along with beautifully selected music and even your voices to really tell your unique story.

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