Lockdown Doorstep Photoshoots

24th May 2020

You may have seen these Doorstep photoshoots sweeping the nation during Lockdown. It started in America and when I first saw it, I thought it was a great idea. However, soon after I started seeing these, lockdown in the UK was announced and I didn’t feel comfortable offering them any time soon. 7 weeks in and I saw more and more valued and respected photographers going out and taking lovely photos of families on their daily walks and raising lots of money for charity.

I am really lucky to live on a lovely new build estate and have lovely neighbours. While out on my walks with the children we definitely stopped to chat more (at a safe distance), families were sitting out in their front gardens and having a drink with their neighbours, we also have a neighbourhood facebook group where people were offering help and support for anyone who needed it. The community spirit was strong and I really wanted to celebrate this and to say thank you to my lovely neighbours and also document this time for them, to lift spirits and also raise money for our NHS. On a personal level, I have met so many lovely people that I don’t usually get to meet and I have been able to do something that I love on my daily excercise.

I still have a couple more photoshoots to do but so far I have raised an amazing £435 for NHS charities. Thank you to all my neighbours who took part, you are all amazing. I have been blown away by everyone’s generosity!

By Leanne Elizabeth Photography – natural and relaxed Family Photographer based in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds