Who’s Behind the Camera?

16th November 2019

So here is my first blog post! I will start off by saying that I am not a writer, which is probably why I am a photographer. I did love English at school but it was probably more to do with my dishy English teacher haha…

I am going to start with an easy one… all about me and the person behind the camera.

I am Leanne, I am 32, mum to two beautiful children (Arthur who is 3 and Lily who is 1), I have the most supportive husband who I have been with since I was 19. I am a massive fan of cake, walks, roast dinners and sofa snuggles with my babies (when they are not causing chaos and destruction). I have grand plans of us travelling as a family and seeing the world. Who knows if this will happen or not but its nice to dream!


My love of photography started when I was younger and I used to look through a big box of black and white photos that my Nan used to have. She would write the names of the people in the photo and the year on the back and tell me stories about them and I just got lost in the nostalgia of it all.

After school I did an Art Foundation course at college and specialised in Photography. We only learnt film and I loved the dark room process. I can still smell the chemicals now when I think about it. I went onto do documentary photography at university but only lasted a term. I was shy and lacked confidence (2 things I know now doesn’t really matter when becoming a photographer… maybe another blog on this?)

After that I kept photography as a hobby and bought my first SLR when I was 21. I took photos of my friends babies and assisted at a few weddings but I never learnt to use my camera properly. Then life got in the way.. I got a normal job, bought a house, got married and had babies. When Arthur was born I sold my SLR and bought the FujiFilm xt10 (an entry-level mirrorless camera) just because I still wanted to take nice photos but I wanted a light camera i could carry around easier.

(one of the first images I was proud of.. this little girl is now 8!)

It wasn’t until I went back to work after my maternity leave the first time that I knew that my job wasn’t what I wanted to do long term. I wanted something that worked around my children and that I was passionate about. I went to get photos of Arthur done when he was one at a studio in town and I thought I can do this… and why don’t I?!

I hatched a plan to learn my camera inside out and have been on a huge learning journey since (another blog on this topic too?) Nearly 3 years and another baby later, I have my very own business and I am so excited for the future!